Entry Table Buyer's Guide

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Published: 27th January 2011
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The foyer or entryway of your home makes the first impression on guests and sets the tone for their visit. This area deserves special attention when decorating, but the way it is decorated will vary depending on size, style and function. If you have room, an entry table is a useful piece of furniture that can hold discarded keys or display a welcoming bouquet.

The right entry table should not overwhelm an entryway or block the flow of traffic. Larger entries can have a round table in the middle, while smaller spaces should stick to tables that do not project very far from the wall.

There is no magic formula for determining the appropriate size for an entry table. Try plotting out an area where you want to place a table and see how the space would function if you could no longer walk through that area.

You may want something with a curve or rounded edges if you have a small space and the table is likely to get bumped into. They also come in many different sizes, so you will need to determine how long, wide and tall you want your table to be. Entry tables are typically around 32 inches high which is a convenient height for easily placing items on the surface.

The material will also have a big impact on the visual size of your entry table. Choose a material wisely. It should match or complement your existing decor and provide an appropriate amount of visual weight. Thick, dark, heavy wood should be reserved for large foyers and entryways, while slim, lightweight or glass tables will not clutter a smaller space.

Many entry tables are made of wood, but glass and stone tables are also popular. Select a material based on color and style.

Do you want drawers or shelves in your entry table? These can be useful to store spare items, like keys or umbrellas for easy access. Many entry tables are available with some drawers, so choose a style that has the correct amount of drawer space for your needs.

Use the surface to display a collection of photos, a fresh bouquet of flowers or some comforting candles to extend a welcoming message to your guests.

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